Eberron Salvation

A New Beggining?

back to the past

Over 10 million years ago, the three Progenitor Dragons roamed the world. Siberys, Khyber and Eberron, the legend states, created or discovered the Draconic Prophecy. Then Siberys and Khyber began to fight over it and the battle brought ruin upon the world. Siberys was eventually defeated, but her remains ascended to the heavens forming the Ring of Siberys. At that point Eberron used her own body to bind and trap the weakened Khyber in the depths of her embrace, merging with and restoring life to the world we now call Eberron.
(Eberron Globe Map)
The place is Khorvaire. The year is 993.
(Calendar app: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/ec/index.htm)
The war of succession for the Kingdom of Galifar has raged for a century. Before it split into the 5 nations Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thrane, it encompassed nearly the entire continent of Khorvaire.
Initially Aundair allied with Cyre and fought the other 3 nations. But in this long, drawn out conflict it seemed allies became enemies too often, one might say suspiciously often. For a hundred years absolute final victory eluded them. As the war dragged on, other nations declared independence when opportunity arose. Now Khorvaire is host to a baker’s dozen of nations, 12 plus 1 not yet recognized. Darguun, The Eldeen Reaches, The Lhazaar Principalities, The Mror Holds, The Talenta Plains, Valenar, Zilargo and the Hag ruled monster realm of Droaam. Eventually they all are involved in the war, either directly or as mercenaries.
Meanwhile, in Eberron’s other continents, other events unfold. Sarlona, the cradle of human civilization and their origin, is ruled by the Inspired. An oppressive feudal society, they seem to take an interest in war torn Khorvaire. The charismatic but enigmatic Inspired seem all too eager to help every nation, mostly with food and friendship diplomacy.
On the other hand the Undying Court ruling the elves of Aerenal, seem involved in their own affairs, and the Dragons of Argonnessen even more so. It seems the Draconic Prophecy increases their inaction rather than their involvement in the world. Xen’drik is the ruins of an ancient civilization of Giants that’s being explored by many sides now. Discoveries there might play a significant role, since the Dragons are the only ones more advanced and they aren’t sharing with the lesser races. And the other 2 continents are pretty much Frozen Wastelands of little importance, or are they?
Back in Khorvaire, Aundair is licking its wounds and isolationistic so that leaves Cyre alone to face a possible attack by Karnath in the North and Thrane and Breland (who seem to get along for now) in the West. Will this break the stalemate finally… and will that be a good thing?
Unbeknownst to most in Khorvaire, they face 3 major external threats. Perhaps the Elves and the Dragons aren’t so inactive after all. But more on that later.

Enter Stage Right: The Protagonists
The players can be anything from anywhere. The only restriction is that they happen to be in Cyre. More than that, they’ve felt drawn to it. If they were a Breland soldier and a mission came up to scout or infiltrate Cyre, they’d be first in line to volunteer. They could be merchants, visitors, spies, House agents or even captured POW under escort. They just have to specify a (vague) reason for being there.
The PCs can start knowing each other already or as strangers. Our story begins at an Inn on the road from Kalazart to the capital, Metrol. It’s a rainy night when they finally arrive at the “Three Daughters Inn”, just a bit North off the beaten path.
But first take a look at the Religions available and choose one (or none).
You don’t even have to read them all, just pick one and read that. It just has to match your region of origin a bit. So if it doesn’t pick again. The Sovereign Host is the default Pantheon, Silver Flame is Thrane’s religion (Theocracy). Blood of Vol is like Scientology, just less evil. OK maybe it’s more like LaVey Satanism and was mostly involved in Karnath events.
For basic categorization of nations look at:
It also has a blurb on Dragonmarked Houses. Just read the first 2-3 sentences. Then see a specific House if you like its theme.
Fill in the “Player Characters Info.docx” and rename it to “player character name.docx” (e.g. “Stergios Conan.docx”) and email it to me.
Don’t obsess about choices, there will be free retraining early on and later on for a “price”.
We start at level 1 with 200 gold, NWN-like 32 point buy (http://nwn2db.com)
Full Eberron Character Creator at http://www.pathguy.com/eberron.htm
Cool rules site: http://www.d20srd.org/
D&D 3.5 All books ultimate Torrent magnet:
(just download those you want, it’s only 1 gig full)
Suggestions welcomed.


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