Eberron Salvation


Contract of Nepthas

Sebastiant’s Journal :
If you’re reading this then I am probably dead. That sounds so cliché; I apologize. It’s sad that you chose not to accept my deal. For me, but maybe also for you. You see I did plan for this contingency. This is the reason why most of the pages of this journal are missing. My important knowledge is locked up inside my brain and on those pages, safe with my associate. He is waiting for me and if I do not show up he will deliver them to Atur. He may fail in this task, but are you going to take that chance. He has most of what I offered you in the deal :
The way to create these new undead and necessary samples. The secrets of the Pyramid. The ritual to attune people so they can enter. And a small sample from my body, before undeath.
Which brings us to why I wanted to make that deal. Well it turns out the faithful Seekers are right to not see undeath as a solution to the problem of Immortality. It is a terrible sacrifice, you cannot bond with the Divinity Within. More than that it feels horrible. All my senses are dulled or gone. Smell, taste, touch, hearing, vision. Even what I see does not seem real, my eyes are dead and everything is… boring. My mind is beset by a strange fog, inhibiting my intellect. A never-ending nightmare that you cannot wake up from. Or can I?
Well I had to do this to myself to pass those damn spiders, but unfortunately there was more. To pass the chamber of Elementals it was me who had to make a deal. With a rather unsavory entity. I can’t reveal more, but I fear that killing me inside the castle “may” have been a mistake. This is why I was offering you all my secrets and samples for a chance to be reincarnated and maybe escape my dire fate. Maybe there is still time.
PS : I saw Thiour “change”. That was surprising, wasn’t it?

Sebastian’s note :
You’ve already been defeated once. Are you going to gamble again with the fate of Cyre, maybe more, on the line? Here’s what I offer you :
You sign this magical contract enforceable by Inevitable Kolyaruts from the plane of Law and Order. Then you can take me outside this castle and Thiour can then kill me like I’m sure he wishes to. Then you Reincarnate me like you did him. Then I give you all the info I have on the Pyramid, how to attune people to enter it. I will also explain to you the process of creation of this new undead type and give you all the materials that can accomplish it. I also swear not to reveal that information to anyone else ever. Then we give my new form a new name and Sebastian gets buried here, never to be heard of or found again. While you guarantee my escape to a new life and the secrecy of my new identity.

Contract of Nepthas
The parties of the undersigned names willingly agree to the terms of this lawful contract as described below.
Party A agrees to share, with party B, knowledge of the artifact structure known as the Pyramid of Prophecy, located in a cave in the middle of Cyre. This information will include at least how to attune people to the Pyramid so they can enter it and all existing materials that are needed for said ritual.
Party A will also Reveal the process of creating Intelligent Undead and the hand over all materials that can be used in this ritual.
Party A stipulates that it will never reveal any of the above information to anyone else. To never speak or write about it or communicate it in any way.
In return Party B agrees to first slay Sebastian Willhelm’s undead form. After that to Reincarnate his soul in a new body and Guarantee his escape back to his home. Also, to keep his new identity a secret.

Party A :
Sebastian Willhelm (signed and marked)
Party B :
Erestor Xaphen
Thiour Naand


komninosm komninosm

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