Eberron Salvation


more to come... perhaps

Shield proficiency increases base shield AC by +1 (except bucklers)

Magic Changes:
-Everyone has for free Heighten Spell [Metamagic] Feat.
-Memorizing spells requires 1 minute per level of the spell.
-Emptying a spellslot with a memorized spell requires 2 minutes per level.
-Similar to Mnemonic Enhancer (Prepare) every caster can (when memorizing spells) “split” any spellslot to contain lesser level spells whose total level is 1 lower than the spellslot’s level. (Spontaneous casters like Sorcerers can do this “on the fly”)
-Casters can also use two spellslots of the same level to memorize/cast a spell one level higher. For example use two 1st level spellslots to cast a second level spell. Or use two 2nd level spellslots to cast a 3rd level spell.

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Player Name:
Character Name:
Region of origin: (http://eberron.wikia.com/wiki/Eberron)
Physical Description: (some help at http://www.d20srd.org/srd/description.htm#vitalStatistics)
Short Term Goals:
Long Term Goals:
Personality and Brief Back-story: (add a reason for being in Cyre now)
Ability Scores: (http://nwn2db.com)
Feats: (http://www.pathguy.com/eberron.htm for a full character builder)
Skills: (just the ranks you spent)
Inventory: (starting gold 200, go nuts)
Spells known: (or priest domains and wizard school specialization)
Familiars and Companions:


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