Eberron Salvation

Tryon Returns (?)

to be continued...

Tryon travelled with Ae’shai, towards the Byeshk Mountains. It felt weird to actually walk somewhere after all this “portaling” and flying. Even more weird were the dreams. The first night you dreamed of the Pyramid. You imagined your friends, Erestor and Thiour inside it, talking with the other “occupants”. The mystery of it all still intrigued you, even if you chose to escape it all. You woke up refreshed, but anxious, as if the fork on the actual road ahead symbolized something else. It didn’t…
The second night was even more weird. You dreamt you were facing the Pyramid again, only this time you entered its external portal and then (inside) rode the beam to the dream world. On the crater of light you noticed a second “doorway”, on the opposite side. It showed a dark place, beneath the earth, but with a high ceiling held up by gigantic pillars, a huge expanse. An Underworld with natural pillars with man-made art that made them resemble roosting dragons at their base. The weirdness increased; the sights seemed to change as if the portal had not yet decided upon its resting place. It flew towards a white and blue castle, built by the shore of an underground sea. It looked magical and built for beauty and comfort rather than defense. You saw the outer gates and then the inner yard and the buildings towered above you 5 floors high. But the view went downwards, through a set of huge open doors, to some sort of basement. You watched intently as the stairs passed by like the stone keys of some gigantic piano until you reached the base of it all. And right before that you saw Erestor, Thiour, Root and Thynwe (the elf druid master inquitive that Oalian tasked to aid them) huddling by the lower doorway, as a quartet of dancing lights flew ahead, illuminating the large complex. An underground base, under sea level, perhaps 200 feet long and 100 feet wide. You could barely make out in the background two strange warships (one on either side), without sails, and a strange top deck that looked empty (no rigging) except for a ballista. And two, no three gates, one ahead of each ship and one in the center between. But you didn’t have time to think about all that. Your center of vision is occupied by more important images. It is happening now. You are seeing a Large Fire Elemental and a Large Earth Elemental standing 16 feet tall, guarding a strange Stone Golem that walks between them. The Golem has gemmed eyes and a strange mouthpiece that looks like a box with a metal mesh. It’s holding a statue of a Scorpion with its left hand and pointing it towards humanlike form, suspended by hooked chains (tearing at its flesh) that are anchored at the ceiling and sides and pillars of this room. Below the agonizing human is a fiery red pentagram inscribed in a circle. You can’t make out his features as the head has been damaged, the neck seems sewn back together, but the clothes seem somewhat familiar, could it be Sebastian?
No time to think. Time to act. Do you enter the portal or not?


Alas even the Great Pyramid of Prophecy and Dreams does not work like this. No sooner had Tryon stepped forward than he woke up on the slopes of the Byeshk Mountains, a worried Ae’shai looking over him. Troubled night? Perhaps unfinished business. Will he turn back or press on?

Tryon Returns (?)
komninosm komninosm

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