Eberron Salvation

Eberron Survival
5 years later...

Feigning interest you begin reading the newspaper on your desk:

SHARN INQUISITIVE News for Far, Zarantyr 6th, 998

Your eyes gloss over the top story title:

Tower Collapse Was Sabotage, Watch Says

It’s been a slow news year since the Treaty Of Thronehold and the end of the Great War. Then again anything would be considered trivial to those cataclysmic events. The continent of Khorvaire was ravaged by the hundred year war, but nobody expected that ending. The most prominent nation, Cyre, the jewel of Galifar was destroyed in the blink of an eye. All that remained was an endless cursed wasteland. Millions dead… or worse.

Over a thousand miles away still stands Sharn, the biggest city of the nation of Breland, the biggest city in all the world. Built in a manifest zone linked to the plane of Syrania, the Azure Sky, Sharn is a massive fantasy metropolis. It is a maze of towers that reach hundreds upon hundreds of feet into the air, with people, skycoaches, gargoyles and all manner of things milling about. Sometimes it feels like the safest place on this earth. Sometimes the most dangerous.

Regardless, this is where the offices of the Free Mercenary Company “Baker’s Dozen” are situated, and where you spend most of your day of late. Lead by Binween Dinoso, a grisled old Bard and war veteran, it has fallen on hard times with debt pilling up. It’s not cheap to rent an office in Cliffport, the adventurer’s quarter of Sharn’s Upper Dura, old-town. With things calming down, there is less “honest” work and most of it goes to House Medani and House Deneith official Mercenary Guilds compounding the problem. Hence the inaction you observe as you glance around this side of the room. You spot a colleague balancing his chair on its hind legs as he rests his short dwarf feet on the coffee-table. Three more are sitting on the large main table, playing a game of cards, no money involved, arguing mildly over Lady Luck’s “favoritism”. As you lazily begin to scan the other side of the room before returning to your reading material, you hear a rush of footsteps outside the door, which culminates all too fast into the ashen plank flying off its hinges and splintering. A burly half-orc bursts through, wearing a barbaric studded leather armor and a great axe slung across his back. Surprised, you don’t have time to smirk over the dwarf panicking and falling over backwards on his chair, his stubby arms flail helplessly in the air as his head comes crashing down. The half-orc roars in a “hulk smash” stance that you learned to interpret as excitement mixed with happiness in your short acquaintance with Ygor.

“We gots woark ta do! Finally!”, he exclaims.

“Damn you Ygor, now I have to fix that door again… like last week!”, complains the dwarf rubbing his sore head.

Well at least now you can afford to… maybe. You help raise Ligamy, the dwarf smith, to his feet and assure him of better times to come while you question Ygor for more info. It turns out House Cannith, the Artificer’s guild, require a team of the adventurous sort to complete a mission they’d rather not involve other Houses into. And you’re it!

Binween signed the contract already so it’s a done deal, though there’s some talk of individual non-disclosure agreements to be signed by participants, which the A-Team has already signed. But the mission will probably require the entire resources of the “Baker’s Dozen” so you’re all likely to be involved too, perhaps pending some interviews and whatnot. Things are looking up. Time to gather your friends and allies and return to action. Some real action! Not chasing muggers in the Lightning Rail Station or down Tower Elevators and stairs into the Cogs.

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a sample page of Sharn Inquisitive Newspaper.


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Old Campaign Lore


Old Houserules

ena sta grigora
tha to ftiakso meta

O nepthas 3erei pou einai o titanas. yes
O nepthas mporei na xrhsimopoihsei ton titana gia tous skopous tou. No
An 3ypnhsei o Titanas 8a einai oi epi8ymies tou gia to kalo tou korvaire. Gia tous laous tou korvaire oxi.
3erei o nepthas mystika ths pyramidas. Den 3erw alla an h3ere 8a h3era kai egw
Sthn twrinh katastash o seb 3erei ta mystika. Nai.
8a exei arnhtikes epiptwseis se mas an er8ei to dalqour pio konta. Nai 8a exei polles.
Oi kalastar mporoun na katastrepsoiun obelisk. Nai.
An pe8anei o thiuur 8a voh8hsei to cyre. Oxi.
Ta symferonta tou erestor einai ta idia me this omadas. Nai.

Being John Malkovic... Erestor Xaphen
Erestor fantasizes about A Game of Thrones

Damn! This is unacceptable. We are on a path leading us to who knows where and are we are just following like puppets of an invisible puppet master. We should be pro-active and stop lagging behind the events. Too many offers and counter-offers, too many players and too many agendas. We should change our tactics and be more prepared.

Noldarin and Melanie. King and queen of a divided, invisible world; a worthy ally to have to help protect my province in the surface from unexpected events. What would they want as an exchange… we are on good terms but we need that extra ‘click’ of leverage. Hmm, there might be ways, yes there are.

Ah, yes! “My” province… at least in theory. Time is of the essence. We should establish relationships with Queen Dannel ir’Wynarn (and Lady Ela Ruine’ Demonte, my bride-to-be perhaps) immediately and organize the province. Understand the basic infrastructure, income/outcome, learn more about the people, major players, who to trust, organizations with influence in the area. What about protection and militia? We need to “recruit” a couple of Metrol Wands (Corporal Lavar, maybe even good old Captain Trevor) and organize elite squads to help us create diversions when necessary or even use them for brute force. Thiuur would do a great job there. He has the right ethos and the right “persuasion” skills when necessary. He should organize it. And when we are away we need to find a trust-worthy replacement.. ideally a skillful one. Hmm, I think it is time to get in touch with my old friend Tryon again.

Lagging, lagging behind. Where should we investigate first? Who to trust and how to learn their agendas? I believe Thynwe was just the right person to join our group. A Master Inquisitive; how convenient! I am sure with some of my utility spells we would be able to investigate areas unseen and learn more… anything to our advantage. What do they really know in the court of Cyre? What are they not telling? Does General Alvos ir’Brillik know more? With some preparation Thynwe could be in the right place the right time and use his rare skills to uncover the truth. Investigate and give us what we lack; knowledge. And everybody knows what knowledge is… Still, he is too neutral and not ready like Thiuur and myself to do what needs to be done. I need good incentives.. and actually true incentives. I would never try to manipulate an ally… and trying to manipulate a master inquisitive, ally or not, would just be foolish. Hopefully, he will show some more flexiblity as he has admittedly done already. First things first though… use the Pyramid and go and investigate Atur! That is what Oalian asked, among others.

And we need to create better strategies as a group. Buy the appropriate equipment and coordinate our skills more. With time we became much better but with some effort we’ll become a force to be reckoned with even at large scale. No more bloody stone golem dramas. That reminds me… we need to re-invigorate our relationship with House Cannith!

Sebastian… Sebastian, you brilliant cocky fool. Your lack of diplomacy was your downfall. Annoying a more powerful than you group to such an extent that they vowed to exterminate you. Great job! Yes, you played the game well… you were ahead for some time but look at you now. Was it worth it? Were you so bored that you couldn’t resist the thrill of the chase? Weren’t you a good enough patriot to keep a low profile and just go to Karrnath with your new “invention”?

And yet, there are dreams and those other thoughts, deeper and darker that I cannot even share or admit to my conscious self… shakes head Stop it… stop staring blankly at the wall and share (some of) your thoughts with your companions!

Tryon Returns (?)
to be continued...

Tryon travelled with Ae’shai, towards the Byeshk Mountains. It felt weird to actually walk somewhere after all this “portaling” and flying. Even more weird were the dreams. The first night you dreamed of the Pyramid. You imagined your friends, Erestor and Thiour inside it, talking with the other “occupants”. The mystery of it all still intrigued you, even if you chose to escape it all. You woke up refreshed, but anxious, as if the fork on the actual road ahead symbolized something else. It didn’t…
The second night was even more weird. You dreamt you were facing the Pyramid again, only this time you entered its external portal and then (inside) rode the beam to the dream world. On the crater of light you noticed a second “doorway”, on the opposite side. It showed a dark place, beneath the earth, but with a high ceiling held up by gigantic pillars, a huge expanse. An Underworld with natural pillars with man-made art that made them resemble roosting dragons at their base. The weirdness increased; the sights seemed to change as if the portal had not yet decided upon its resting place. It flew towards a white and blue castle, built by the shore of an underground sea. It looked magical and built for beauty and comfort rather than defense. You saw the outer gates and then the inner yard and the buildings towered above you 5 floors high. But the view went downwards, through a set of huge open doors, to some sort of basement. You watched intently as the stairs passed by like the stone keys of some gigantic piano until you reached the base of it all. And right before that you saw Erestor, Thiour, Root and Thynwe (the elf druid master inquitive that Oalian tasked to aid them) huddling by the lower doorway, as a quartet of dancing lights flew ahead, illuminating the large complex. An underground base, under sea level, perhaps 200 feet long and 100 feet wide. You could barely make out in the background two strange warships (one on either side), without sails, and a strange top deck that looked empty (no rigging) except for a ballista. And two, no three gates, one ahead of each ship and one in the center between. But you didn’t have time to think about all that. Your center of vision is occupied by more important images. It is happening now. You are seeing a Large Fire Elemental and a Large Earth Elemental standing 16 feet tall, guarding a strange Stone Golem that walks between them. The Golem has gemmed eyes and a strange mouthpiece that looks like a box with a metal mesh. It’s holding a statue of a Scorpion with its left hand and pointing it towards humanlike form, suspended by hooked chains (tearing at its flesh) that are anchored at the ceiling and sides and pillars of this room. Below the agonizing human is a fiery red pentagram inscribed in a circle. You can’t make out his features as the head has been damaged, the neck seems sewn back together, but the clothes seem somewhat familiar, could it be Sebastian?
No time to think. Time to act. Do you enter the portal or not?

Contract of Nepthas

Sebastiant’s Journal :
If you’re reading this then I am probably dead. That sounds so cliché; I apologize. It’s sad that you chose not to accept my deal. For me, but maybe also for you. You see I did plan for this contingency. This is the reason why most of the pages of this journal are missing. My important knowledge is locked up inside my brain and on those pages, safe with my associate. He is waiting for me and if I do not show up he will deliver them to Atur. He may fail in this task, but are you going to take that chance. He has most of what I offered you in the deal :
The way to create these new undead and necessary samples. The secrets of the Pyramid. The ritual to attune people so they can enter. And a small sample from my body, before undeath.
Which brings us to why I wanted to make that deal. Well it turns out the faithful Seekers are right to not see undeath as a solution to the problem of Immortality. It is a terrible sacrifice, you cannot bond with the Divinity Within. More than that it feels horrible. All my senses are dulled or gone. Smell, taste, touch, hearing, vision. Even what I see does not seem real, my eyes are dead and everything is… boring. My mind is beset by a strange fog, inhibiting my intellect. A never-ending nightmare that you cannot wake up from. Or can I?
Well I had to do this to myself to pass those damn spiders, but unfortunately there was more. To pass the chamber of Elementals it was me who had to make a deal. With a rather unsavory entity. I can’t reveal more, but I fear that killing me inside the castle “may” have been a mistake. This is why I was offering you all my secrets and samples for a chance to be reincarnated and maybe escape my dire fate. Maybe there is still time.
PS : I saw Thiour “change”. That was surprising, wasn’t it?

Sebastian’s note :
You’ve already been defeated once. Are you going to gamble again with the fate of Cyre, maybe more, on the line? Here’s what I offer you :
You sign this magical contract enforceable by Inevitable Kolyaruts from the plane of Law and Order. Then you can take me outside this castle and Thiour can then kill me like I’m sure he wishes to. Then you Reincarnate me like you did him. Then I give you all the info I have on the Pyramid, how to attune people to enter it. I will also explain to you the process of creation of this new undead type and give you all the materials that can accomplish it. I also swear not to reveal that information to anyone else ever. Then we give my new form a new name and Sebastian gets buried here, never to be heard of or found again. While you guarantee my escape to a new life and the secrecy of my new identity.

Contract of Nepthas
The parties of the undersigned names willingly agree to the terms of this lawful contract as described below.
Party A agrees to share, with party B, knowledge of the artifact structure known as the Pyramid of Prophecy, located in a cave in the middle of Cyre. This information will include at least how to attune people to the Pyramid so they can enter it and all existing materials that are needed for said ritual.
Party A will also Reveal the process of creating Intelligent Undead and the hand over all materials that can be used in this ritual.
Party A stipulates that it will never reveal any of the above information to anyone else. To never speak or write about it or communicate it in any way.
In return Party B agrees to first slay Sebastian Willhelm’s undead form. After that to Reincarnate his soul in a new body and Guarantee his escape back to his home. Also, to keep his new identity a secret.

Party A :
Sebastian Willhelm (signed and marked)
Party B :
Erestor Xaphen
Thiour Naand


• Karrnathi Zombie 1:
Half-Plate Armor, Heavy Shield, Masterwork Longsword, Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind.
• Karrnathi Zombie 2:
Half-Plate Armor, Heavy Shield, Masterwork Longsword, Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind.
• Undead Drow Archer:
Chitin Armor +1 , Composite Shortbow +1 (Strength 14), Firebrass (like Mithral, but golden bronze color instead of silvery sheen) Rapier +1, Boots of Striding and Springing, Cloak of Elvenkind, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Ring of Protection +1, Efficient Quiver, 10 Cold Iron Arrows, 10 Alchemical Silver Arrows, 5 Adamantine Arrows, 12 Blood glass Arrows.
• Undead Drow Tripper:
Chitin Armor +1, Guisarme +1, two Sickle +1, Heavy Darkwood Shield +2, Boots of Speed, Cloak of Elvenkind, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Ring of Protection +1.
• Undead Drow Dervish:
Chitin Armor +2, Cold Iron Scimitar +1, Byeshk Scimitar +1, Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Ring of Protection +1.
• Undead Drow Rogue?: (got away)

• Undead Sebastian Clone (! j/k):
Handy Haversack, Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Wizardry (0 and 1st level spells), Special Pearl of Power (8 pearls of different sizes (spell level 4×0 2×1 2×2) set on a Lady’s Hair Comb (Jewelry) that has to be worn on the head, 2 pearls seem missing), Ring of Sustenance (stored), Wand of True Strike, Artificer’s Monocle, Several used Scrolls and writing implements, Spellbook (Arcane Locked), 1000 gold in coins and gems, Personal Journal (non-magical, most pages missing/torn). However, 2 of the apparently used/blank scrolls still radiate magic and you can almost make up the words “Kolyarut Contract of Nepthas”.
• Basement Workshop:
The underground construction yard is still a semi-workable manufacturing plant. There are enough materials to function as two Alchemist’s Labs, along with equipment, tools and forges for all kinds of Smiths. It also contains 1000 gold coins worth of anything from this page http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/goodsAndServices.htm# (within reason), lots of oil and more importantly 10 ounces of Sovereign Glue, 100 Universal Solvent, 20 Salve of Slipperiness.

Subject to revision

helpful links

more to come... perhaps

Shield proficiency increases base shield AC by +1 (except bucklers)

Magic Changes:
-Everyone has for free Heighten Spell [Metamagic] Feat.
-Memorizing spells requires 1 minute per level of the spell.
-Emptying a spellslot with a memorized spell requires 2 minutes per level.
-Similar to Mnemonic Enhancer (Prepare) every caster can (when memorizing spells) “split” any spellslot to contain lesser level spells whose total level is 1 lower than the spellslot’s level. (Spontaneous casters like Sorcerers can do this “on the fly”)
-Casters can also use two spellslots of the same level to memorize/cast a spell one level higher. For example use two 1st level spellslots to cast a second level spell. Or use two 2nd level spellslots to cast a 3rd level spell.

PS: Fill out this form and sent it to me

Player Name:
Character Name:
Region of origin: (http://eberron.wikia.com/wiki/Eberron)
Physical Description: (some help at http://www.d20srd.org/srd/description.htm#vitalStatistics)
Short Term Goals:
Long Term Goals:
Personality and Brief Back-story: (add a reason for being in Cyre now)
Ability Scores: (http://nwn2db.com)
Feats: (http://www.pathguy.com/eberron.htm for a full character builder)
Skills: (just the ranks you spent)
Inventory: (starting gold 200, go nuts)
Spells known: (or priest domains and wizard school specialization)
Familiars and Companions:

A New Beggining?
back to the past

Over 10 million years ago, the three Progenitor Dragons roamed the world. Siberys, Khyber and Eberron, the legend states, created or discovered the Draconic Prophecy. Then Siberys and Khyber began to fight over it and the battle brought ruin upon the world. Siberys was eventually defeated, but her remains ascended to the heavens forming the Ring of Siberys. At that point Eberron used her own body to bind and trap the weakened Khyber in the depths of her embrace, merging with and restoring life to the world we now call Eberron.
(Eberron Globe Map)
The place is Khorvaire. The year is 993.
(Calendar app: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/ec/index.htm)
The war of succession for the Kingdom of Galifar has raged for a century. Before it split into the 5 nations Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thrane, it encompassed nearly the entire continent of Khorvaire.
Initially Aundair allied with Cyre and fought the other 3 nations. But in this long, drawn out conflict it seemed allies became enemies too often, one might say suspiciously often. For a hundred years absolute final victory eluded them. As the war dragged on, other nations declared independence when opportunity arose. Now Khorvaire is host to a baker’s dozen of nations, 12 plus 1 not yet recognized. Darguun, The Eldeen Reaches, The Lhazaar Principalities, The Mror Holds, The Talenta Plains, Valenar, Zilargo and the Hag ruled monster realm of Droaam. Eventually they all are involved in the war, either directly or as mercenaries.
Meanwhile, in Eberron’s other continents, other events unfold. Sarlona, the cradle of human civilization and their origin, is ruled by the Inspired. An oppressive feudal society, they seem to take an interest in war torn Khorvaire. The charismatic but enigmatic Inspired seem all too eager to help every nation, mostly with food and friendship diplomacy.
On the other hand the Undying Court ruling the elves of Aerenal, seem involved in their own affairs, and the Dragons of Argonnessen even more so. It seems the Draconic Prophecy increases their inaction rather than their involvement in the world. Xen’drik is the ruins of an ancient civilization of Giants that’s being explored by many sides now. Discoveries there might play a significant role, since the Dragons are the only ones more advanced and they aren’t sharing with the lesser races. And the other 2 continents are pretty much Frozen Wastelands of little importance, or are they?
Back in Khorvaire, Aundair is licking its wounds and isolationistic so that leaves Cyre alone to face a possible attack by Karnath in the North and Thrane and Breland (who seem to get along for now) in the West. Will this break the stalemate finally… and will that be a good thing?
Unbeknownst to most in Khorvaire, they face 3 major external threats. Perhaps the Elves and the Dragons aren’t so inactive after all. But more on that later.

Enter Stage Right: The Protagonists
The players can be anything from anywhere. The only restriction is that they happen to be in Cyre. More than that, they’ve felt drawn to it. If they were a Breland soldier and a mission came up to scout or infiltrate Cyre, they’d be first in line to volunteer. They could be merchants, visitors, spies, House agents or even captured POW under escort. They just have to specify a (vague) reason for being there.
The PCs can start knowing each other already or as strangers. Our story begins at an Inn on the road from Kalazart to the capital, Metrol. It’s a rainy night when they finally arrive at the “Three Daughters Inn”, just a bit North off the beaten path.
But first take a look at the Religions available and choose one (or none).
You don’t even have to read them all, just pick one and read that. It just has to match your region of origin a bit. So if it doesn’t pick again. The Sovereign Host is the default Pantheon, Silver Flame is Thrane’s religion (Theocracy). Blood of Vol is like Scientology, just less evil. OK maybe it’s more like LaVey Satanism and was mostly involved in Karnath events.
For basic categorization of nations look at:
It also has a blurb on Dragonmarked Houses. Just read the first 2-3 sentences. Then see a specific House if you like its theme.
Fill in the “Player Characters Info.docx” and rename it to “player character name.docx” (e.g. “Stergios Conan.docx”) and email it to me.
Don’t obsess about choices, there will be free retraining early on and later on for a “price”.
We start at level 1 with 200 gold, NWN-like 32 point buy (http://nwn2db.com)
Full Eberron Character Creator at http://www.pathguy.com/eberron.htm
Cool rules site: http://www.d20srd.org/
D&D 3.5 All books ultimate Torrent magnet:
(just download those you want, it’s only 1 gig full)
Suggestions welcomed.

Sebastian's message
Achievement Unlocked: Recurring Villain
Goodbye Cyre-boy, I’m not waiting around for your squad of troopers to arrive and arrest me. I was going to kill the others here before I left out of spite, but I thought it would be more fitting for you to see your own people kill them or experiment with them. You know they won’t let them go, don’t you? Anyway I am off to see my brothers at Atur to share this wonderful new undead “recipe” these Clerics of Vol have discovered. We will soon return at the head of an army, the likes of which Cyre has never seen before. Your country will burn to the ground, one way or another.
pics or it didn't happen

Basic Mark

Evolved Mark


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