Eberron Salvation

Being John Malkovic... Erestor Xaphen

Erestor fantasizes about A Game of Thrones

Damn! This is unacceptable. We are on a path leading us to who knows where and are we are just following like puppets of an invisible puppet master. We should be pro-active and stop lagging behind the events. Too many offers and counter-offers, too many players and too many agendas. We should change our tactics and be more prepared.

Noldarin and Melanie. King and queen of a divided, invisible world; a worthy ally to have to help protect my province in the surface from unexpected events. What would they want as an exchange… we are on good terms but we need that extra ‘click’ of leverage. Hmm, there might be ways, yes there are.

Ah, yes! “My” province… at least in theory. Time is of the essence. We should establish relationships with Queen Dannel ir’Wynarn (and Lady Ela Ruine’ Demonte, my bride-to-be perhaps) immediately and organize the province. Understand the basic infrastructure, income/outcome, learn more about the people, major players, who to trust, organizations with influence in the area. What about protection and militia? We need to “recruit” a couple of Metrol Wands (Corporal Lavar, maybe even good old Captain Trevor) and organize elite squads to help us create diversions when necessary or even use them for brute force. Thiuur would do a great job there. He has the right ethos and the right “persuasion” skills when necessary. He should organize it. And when we are away we need to find a trust-worthy replacement.. ideally a skillful one. Hmm, I think it is time to get in touch with my old friend Tryon again.

Lagging, lagging behind. Where should we investigate first? Who to trust and how to learn their agendas? I believe Thynwe was just the right person to join our group. A Master Inquisitive; how convenient! I am sure with some of my utility spells we would be able to investigate areas unseen and learn more… anything to our advantage. What do they really know in the court of Cyre? What are they not telling? Does General Alvos ir’Brillik know more? With some preparation Thynwe could be in the right place the right time and use his rare skills to uncover the truth. Investigate and give us what we lack; knowledge. And everybody knows what knowledge is… Still, he is too neutral and not ready like Thiuur and myself to do what needs to be done. I need good incentives.. and actually true incentives. I would never try to manipulate an ally… and trying to manipulate a master inquisitive, ally or not, would just be foolish. Hopefully, he will show some more flexiblity as he has admittedly done already. First things first though… use the Pyramid and go and investigate Atur! That is what Oalian asked, among others.

And we need to create better strategies as a group. Buy the appropriate equipment and coordinate our skills more. With time we became much better but with some effort we’ll become a force to be reckoned with even at large scale. No more bloody stone golem dramas. That reminds me… we need to re-invigorate our relationship with House Cannith!

Sebastian… Sebastian, you brilliant cocky fool. Your lack of diplomacy was your downfall. Annoying a more powerful than you group to such an extent that they vowed to exterminate you. Great job! Yes, you played the game well… you were ahead for some time but look at you now. Was it worth it? Were you so bored that you couldn’t resist the thrill of the chase? Weren’t you a good enough patriot to keep a low profile and just go to Karrnath with your new “invention”?

And yet, there are dreams and those other thoughts, deeper and darker that I cannot even share or admit to my conscious self… shakes head Stop it… stop staring blankly at the wall and share (some of) your thoughts with your companions!


komninosm komninosm

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